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As New Historian reported when the find was announced, the two pages were initially believed to have been part of a codex, whose other parts are kept in France.

Initially, the hypothesis was that the fragments were contemporaneous with Muhammad, pushing the date of the first written copy of the Quran back, but not too much.

Carbon dating revealed last month that the four delicate pages of script etched on animal skin were at least 1,370 years old, potentially making it the oldest partial copy of the Koran in the world.

Modern methods can only accurately provide a range of dates for the Birmingham manuscripts origins, however, opening up a controversial time window during which the pages could have been created.

Traditional teachings about the origins of Islam state that the Prophet Mohamed was alive between the years 570 and 632, and that he received the revelations which make up the Koran from 610 until his death.

Later tests, however, have revealed that it may have originated as far back as 1,448 years ago.

In other words, the fragments, tested by scientists from the University of Oxford, probably originated some time between 568 CE and 645 CE, while Muhammad’s birth year is believed to be 570 CE.

Two fragments from the Quran, discovered last month and considered the earliest written evidence of Islam’s holy book, have now been suggested to pre-date the birth of the prophet Muhammad, the founder of the religion.

What the tests revealed initially, was that the parchment originated around 1,370 years ago.

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