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But in general, if your client doesn't pay up by the date you've agreed, then they're not treating you with the respect you deserve.

If you've got a contract with them, they could be breaking the terms of that contract.

How to use the Weighted Average Payment Terms calculation; Using the trending information over time you will get an idea if the terms being offered by the company are on the increase and therefore will have a direct impact on cash flow.

Calculating the Weighted Average Payment Terms: Invoice number 110 & Invoice number 120, details of invoice dates, due dates and values in the table below.

You should use the Weighted Average Payment Terms calculation in conjunction with the Weighted Average Days To Pay or WADTP calculation.

Subtracting the WADTP from the WAT gives you the value or gap of the average number of days past terms that your customers are paying you.

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Payment terms are conditions surrounding payment for a sale, providing a time frame in which a customer can pay without late penalties or additional fees.

If the customer pays early, this may provide access to a discount.

NOTE: the amount X of interest charge must be specified in the agreement, nowadays it is usually about 1.5% per month.

Another example (this one from real life): "Standard payment terms are net 30 days - all payments are due 30 days from the date of invoice.

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