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This page contains details about the 1963-1966 Magnatone Custom Series amps.

For an overview, see Magnatone Custom Series, or for a history of the Magnatone amps from 1947-1977, see The history of the Magnatone brand.

Another New Serial Number Scheme 1973 to 1981 A number is impressed into back of the headstock.

The 1 or 2 digits before the hyphen show the month (1=Jan, 12=Dec.) The first digit after hyphen shows the last digit of year.

Early Custom's were build without the interlock switches, although the interlock was on the schematic inside the amp.

The metal part of the handle had a bare metal finish on early 1963 models, and soon there after they started to paint them black.

Neck-dating can be useful in determining the was produced, rather than the complete instrument.

It is possible that the first models had yet a different plate than the style of the early M7 plate below. are unknowns but it might have been due to re-order supplier issues for the standard emblems during the bankruptcy of 1964-1965.Two humbucking pickups, pickup selector, individual volume and tone controls. This great-condition 1959 example has been refretted but is otherwise original and is in great playing order.While there have been periods of dramatic change—such as the transition periods between the Leo Fender years and the CBS years or the transition between the CBS years and the current ownership—most models are generally feature-specific and do not change from year to year.Serial numbers are also helpful in determining an instrument’s production year.

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